Sunday, 1 April 2012

Condominium Law in Turkey

Condominium Law in Turkey

This law is there to protect you when buying a property in Turkey on a condominium - a group of properties with common parts.  This can either be a block of flats or several groups of buildings connected by common parts.   Your Tapu is marked 'KAT MULKIYETI' if you are part of a condominium and this will have been established at the planning stage of the development.  The theory is everyone owns the common parts and are responsible for their upkeep.  A committee of owners can be formed to decide where the management fee is spent and what the priorities are. No one person can have more than 50% of the votes and therefore over rule everyone else.

Pitfalls to avoid

1) The developer continues to run the site on completion
2) Not everyone pays the fees - what are the procedures to make sure everyone pays
3) check out the management plan, are you happy with the rules
4) find out what are the common parts
5) how is your money being spent, is it being spent wisely
6) is there a fund for bigger projects i.e. renovation of swimming pools, roads

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